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12 EUR


3.4 km - Kauniainen

Koiran Paras Kaveri

1 recurring guest
Moikka! Olen Iiris, 20-vuotias opiskelija Espoosta. Vapaa-ajallani urheilen ja harrastan valokuvausta. Opiskelen liiketa ...
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12 EUR


4.7 km - Espoo

Lemmikkisi Paras Varakaveri!

15 recurring guests
Review by Johanna: Kahden koiran ulkoilutus sujui kaikin puolin hienosti. Olemme tyytyväisiä, sekä minä että koiratytöt :) ...
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15 EUR


3.1 km - Espoo

Eläinten Hoitoa Rakkaudella.

3 recurring guests
Hei, Olen 19-vuotias tyttö Espoosta ja pidän valtavasti eläimistä. Ja meillä on tällä hetkellä kaksi kesyrotta tyttöä. ...
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10 EUR


5.3 km - Kauniainen

Karvaisen Ystäväsi Maija Poppanen!

6 recurring guests
Moikka! Olen Viivi, 19v opiskelija Espoon Matinkylästä, missä asun kahden kissanpentuni kanssa. Eläimet ovat aina olle ...
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3.9 km - Kauniainen

Metsäreittien Tallausta

Last contacted 7 days ago
Hei! Olen valtavan koirakuumeen omaava aktiivinen nuori nainen. Nautin metsässä ja luonnossa samoilusta, mieluiten tiety ...
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Iiris offers Dog Walking near Espoo
Eerika offers Dog Walking near Espoo
Laura offers Dog Walking near Espoo
Viivi offers Dog Walking near Espoo
Sini offers Dog Walking near Espoo

Why dog walking ?

Sometimes life can get really busy and you might find yourself a little short on time to walk your dog. Luckily with Pawshake, it is really easy to connect with thousands of pet lovers and find a walker in Espoo who is available and waiting to help you out.

All of our walkers are vetted individually and every dog walker booking is covered by our premium insurance so you can rest easy while they spend time with your dog. Additionally, your Pawshake walker will be from your local Espoo neighbourhood and their profile also includes reviews from other pet parents.

Having a dog walker visit during the day is an affordable and great way to break up the day and make your dog’s day more interesting. Some of our walkers walk multiple dogs at once so this service is a great way for your dog to socialise and meet other similar dogs. However, if your dog prefers to be walked alone, you can also find Espoo dog walkers who only walk one dog at a time. That way, the walks can be completely dedicated to what your dogs want – whether is a slow walk-and-sniff or a faster paced brisk walk around the block, our Pawshake dog walkers will be happy to oblige.

Pet owners book dog walking in Espoo on Pawshake. Over 50 pet owners in Espoo have left a review, with an average of 4.9/5. All paid safely using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express

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