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Tietoa - Tina

About Me:

I'm a 33 year old master's degree student who returned from a working holiday in Australia at the beginning of the pandemic. During my time in Australia, I had the chance to meet a lot of great owners and their pets and I had an amazing time pet sitting around the city of Melbourne!

I am currently in the process of moving from full-time studies at the University of Jyväskylä to working full-time in Vaasa. I would love to explore the City of Vaasa by walking with some lovely puppies during my weekends.

I take pride in being conscientious and reliable meaning that your pet will be my top priority whilst in my care.

Motivation and Experience:

Ever since I can remember, I've loved spending time with animals. From a very young age, I have helped look after different animals ranging from hamsters to cats, dogs, and even cows (yes, cows... I lived on a farm once upon a time).

I grew up in a household where there were always cats of different ages (kittens to more senior felines) and backgrounds (strays/rescues) meaning that I have 20+ years of experience in looking after cats of all temperaments.

I have previously also looked after big and small dogs (including puppies), and been a dog sitter for various acquaintances prior to becoming a regular dog sitter through Pawshake in October 2017.

Services Offered:

I am currently able to offer services for both dog walking within the Palosaari area and dog boarding (overnight) and doggy daycare at my apartment in Palosaari. Additionally, I can make 1-2 home visits per day to check in on your pet. If you will be leaving for a longer period of time, I am also able to offer house sitting services where myself and your pet will hang out at your house and make sure the plants get watered and post is collected regularly.

Home Environment:

I live in a one bedroom apartment which has an open plan living room, a kitchen, entrance, a separate bedroom, and one balcony where the pups can enjoy some sunshine on warm days.

There is a lot of space in the apartment for dogs to play in and plenty of nature and walking routes nearby for the dog boarding puppies to enjoy.

I live alone so the home boarding dogs don't need to worry about being overwhelmed by multiple residents during their stay.


One-off dog walks (Dog Walking service) range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. The length of a walk will be specified with the owner based on how long their dog usually likes to walk (as well as taking into account any medical / mobility issues of the pet). Depending on location, I am able to offer two walks per day for the same pet.

Other walks, for the dogs who stay with me overnight (Dog Boarding Service), usually consist of:

  • short morning walk 10–20 minutes in length;
  • long afternoon walk 45–80 minutes in length;
  • medium length evening walk 20–60 minutes in length.
The length of the walks depend on the each dog’s preference and abilities and the schedule for that particular day. Sometimes the morning walk may be longer or the afternoon and evening walks may get switched around so that the longest walk is later on in the day instead.

Some dogs absolutely love long walks and I am happy to go and take them walking in local nature multiple times a day.

However, others prefer a shorter / brisk walk and like to decide when they’re done. So, for those more exercise averse puppies, I stick to the local area and we potter around in the grassy / wooded parts of my neighborhood instead until they are ready to turn back and go home for a nap.


Owners will need to provide all food and treats for the duration of each pet's stay as this is the best way to ensure they eat according to their specific dietary requirements. I always discuss the food quantities, times, and frequencies with each owner as this varies a lot from one dog to another.

If pets will be staying with me for an extended length of time then I am also happy to discuss the purchase of any food items which may spoil if bought too far in advance i.e. vegetables/fresh meat etc and this can then be planned accordingly.


Dog boarding guests can choose where they would prefer to sleep when they stay over. I have a day bed in the living room which acts as a sofa, a double bed in my bedroom, and plenty of floor space for their own doggy bed to be set up.

Health and Safety:

In order to keep myself, my customers, and the general community safe and healthy from COVID-19, I am currently only able to do Meet & Greet appointments in open, outdoor spaces such as parks or gardens.

I would also prefer to collect dogs for their walks from outside of their homes (e.g. the owner and dog would meet me at the outside door for pick-up and drop-off).


If you have a booking but suddenly begin to feel unwell or suspects that you may have come into contact with a person who has COVID-19 then I am happy to discuss cancellations or amendments of your booking which will allow us to keep everyone safe and well.


I speak both Finnish and English, so feel free to contact me using either language.

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Elina, 2022-08-22

Huippu hoitoa jännittämiseen taipuvalle pennulle. Suosittelen. :)

Ksenia, 2022-08-02

Yes, she did it again - excellent cat care on a short notice :) Tina is our star kitty-sitter.

So, thankful we found her!


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Friendly And Reliable Pet Care

Koiran kotihoitoa
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